The Eagle Food and Beer Hall @ Over The Rhine – 03/01/2014 ****

The Eagle, Food and Beer Hall is a new restaurant and bar in Over The Rhine, on Vine st. From the creators of the successful Bakersfield tequila bar and restaurant, The Eagle specializes in craft beers and inexpensive comfort food. The building was a former post office and the original post office boxes are still present. Tables are built from reclaimed hardwood and the ceiling is covered in rustic unfinished wood planking. The large U shaped bar dominates the center of the space. Sturdy bar stools line both sides while a long row of beer taps spans the middle, supporting the standing room only patrons once the place starts filling up. Which doesn’t take long, tables are full within an hour of opening and the wait list starts to grow shortly thereafter. A great place to kick off any weekend, the place is packed as the sun sets over Washington park just around the corner.



They put a lot of effort into every one of their specialty cocktails. The Bloody Mary is a meal in itself with Tito’s Vodka, spicy house made mary mix, and a shot of Guinness, garnished with brown sugar bacon, celery, and a spike of olives, pickles, kale, and jalapeno peppers.

The focal point of the menu is their Fried Chicken served with spicy honey sauce. The chicken is juicy and tender with a Tabasco spicy breading. Order a full chicken for a big group, half to split, or a quarter to hoard all your own.

If you’re in the mood for something other than chicken they have a variety of snacks, salads, sandwiches, and sides.

The brown sugar bacon –

The Grilled 3 Cheese with apricot preserve, granny smith apple slices, and rustic sourdough –

The Spoon bread with maple glaze in an iron skillet –

The sweet potato crock with toasted mini marshmallows –

The space is small and fills up quick, so getting there early is a requirement. There’s no call ahead and they don’t take reservations. Any later than 5pm on the weekends and you’re looking at a 2 hour wait. This may subside as the newness wears off, but it is what it is. The seats at the tables are extremely hard and have no cushions, which gets a bit uncomfortable after a while. The booths and barstools don’t suffer from this as they’re padded. It can get rather loud in there when the place is fully packed, there’s really nothing to absorb sound and all the surfaces are either wood, brick, or glass.

Overall The Eagle gets 4 stars for their excellent comfort foods that are reasonably priced, and a great selection of craft beer and cocktails. The lack of call ahead or reservations knocks off a star, as it shouldn’t take so much advance planning to get a seat. There are other restaurants close by that do take reservations via Open Table.

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