1215 on Vine – 2/8/2013


Since we moved to Cincinnati we’ve been looking for a great coffee cafe, like the one we used to visit during our early dating years.  Someplace you can go on late nights with a great mix of people, an atmosphere that’s cozy but energetic and most importantly serves great java.  We’ve found just that at 1215 Wine Bar and Coffee Lab in Over the Rhine.  Since most of the restaurants in OTR don’t take reservations we often start our night at 1215 while waiting for a table to open up.


We like to order a couple cappuccinos and their meat plate.  You can choose 3 meats from a selection of 5.  This time around we went for the Prosciutto d.Parma, Salami Calabrese, and the Bresaola.  It also comes with bruschetta, honey pecan spread, and a horseradish mustard.  The Prosciutto has a smooth, buttery taste; the Salami a spicy kick; and the Bresaola an earthy cinnamon taste.


Not only is 1215 a great coffee cafe they also have an excellent selection of wine as well as bottled craft beers and a variety of coffee from around the world.  If you want to try some new wines they have a variety of flights that let you sample wines with certain themes.  You get three numbered wines for $12 and have to guess which wine is which from their descriptions.  Flip over the card and see if you guessed right.  The flights rotate seasonally so there’s plenty of opportunity to try something new.  If you’re not much of a coffee or wine drinker you can still get something to take off the edge of winter’s cold, their Mexican Hot Chocolate.  It’s amazing!

Live music usually starts later in the evening.   There’s not many tables and it can fill up quick.  It takes a while to get your check, so plan ahead and don’t be in a rush to get to dinner or a show.  1215 gets an easy 4 out of 5 stars.

1215 Wine Bar & Coffee Lab on Urbanspoon


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