Shanghai Mama’s on 6th – 2/2/2013


Shanghai Mama’s is a popular late night weekend hangout when all the bars and clubs kick everybody out.  If you’re just not ready to hang it up for the night or have a craving for late night Chinese, then Shanghai Mama’s is for you.  “Shut up and eat your noodles”



Their menu offers a wide variety of popular Chinese dishes and small plates.  We ordered up some Egg Roll, Spring Roll, and Crabmeat Cannoli starters.  All three came quick to the table.  Presentation and taste were excellent  Watch out for the spicy horseradish mustard!


For dinner was Crispy Orange Chicken.  Big pieces of all white meat tempura style chicken glazed with sweet orange sauce.  It came served with snow peas, broccoli, and brown rice in a large bowl.  The chicken had just enough sweetness in the sauce and didn’t overpower the rest of the dish.  Other top choices from the menu are the Fried Rice, Dumplings, and Mama’s Big Bowl Noodle Soup.


The drink menu includes some asian wines, popular light wines, and bottled beers.  The Plum wine is a super sweet dessert wine that smells like Dr. Pepper and has an almond undertone.  Have it for dinner or dessert, but watch out it goes down so easy you might be dancing on the tables before the end of the night!


Overall the atmosphere is casual and laid back 1920’s Shanghai.  The staff is friendly and responsive.  A great place to bring a group of friends for a relaxing evening or for anyone who craves Chinese food.  3 out of 5 stars, great food menu but could use some draft beer selections.
Shanghai Mama's on Urbanspoon


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