Crave @ The Banks – 1/27/2013


Crave’s atmosphere is fun and energetic.  Even with a full restaurant the acoustics still allow for easy conversation while the sounds of Bob Marley and Frank Sinatra play over the air.  The staff is pleasant and go out of their way to ensure an excellent dining experience.  The interior design is fresh and fabulous with a mix of materials used throughout.  If you’re a bathroom snob like me you’ll love Crave’s.  I personally went in twice just to check out the great design and decor.  I took a mental note for including some elements for our house build in the future.


Now on to the food…the fabulous Sunday Brunch is your traditional breakfast with bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, toast, cinnamon rolls, and French toast.  The upside is it’s all you can eat, served family style, and includes orange juice, mimosa, or champagne.  There’s so much food its hard to fit all the plates on the table.  The downside is, well, it’s your typical traditional breakfast.  The highlight was the French toast with fruit compote and the mimosa.


Of course I’m not your typical kind of gal.  I went outside the norm and decided on the Braised Short Rib and Fresh Basil Pancakes. OMG!  Traditional silver dollar pancakes topped with Korean BBQ.  The sauce is sweet and spicy but more on the sweet side.  The dish isn’t overwhelming and leaves just enough room for dessert.  The dessert of choice was Quingio.  Again not your typical dessert, it’s Fruit Maki aka “fruit sushi”.  Not overpowering sweet, just perfect to cure the after taste of brunch.  Since the main ingredients are a mix of fruit there’s no guilty pleasure in having dessert in the middle of the day!



Overall review of Crave’s Sunday brunch is 4 out of 5 stars, the Korean BBQ definitely elevating the rating.

Crave on Urbanspoon


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